Startup Basics with Milan #1: Introduction

Do you remember that day when you were taking a shower and an amazing idea that would change the world popped into your head? And soon you realized that you didn’t really know how you could bring that idea to life.

My goal with the “Startup Basics with Milan” series is to provide you with a framework that helps you start working on your idea the right way. Among other things, I want to show you how you can

  • determine whether the idea has a potential and solves a real problem,
  • start working on your idea,
  • get the first users and customer,
  • build the team,
  • look for investors and get funding.

The framework is based on a book that I wrote, “Idea To Funding: 9 Steps to Help Your Startup Raise Seed Money”. It combines my experience from running my own startup and raising money with what I have learned from other amazing books (like The Lean Startup or Start With Why). I was testing the framework while mentoring other startups during Startup Weekends and delivering workshops for startup incubators and universities.

I hope that you will find the series useful. If you have any questions, the best would be to ask in the comments. If you have friends that have ideas and are want to learn more about entrepreneurship, please share it with them.