Idea To Funding

Idea to Funding

9 Steps to Help Your Startup Raise Seed Money

A must-read for any startup founder thinking about fundraising” — Andrej Kiska, partner at Credo Ventures

What IS NOT inside the book?

You will not find a magic pill to raising a seed round for your startup. Launching a startup requires a lot of work.

What IS inside the book?

Idea To Funding is the first step on your long and exciting journey. My first one or two ideas weren’t of any success, but things started changing as I was getting more experienced. In this book, I’m sharing my experience to help you avoid the mistakes that I did.


How to find out whether your idea really has a potential?

How to turn the idea into reality?

How to find customers?

How to find investors and get funded?


The goal of this book is simple: to help your startup raise seed money. It provides you with steps and answers to the questions that help you work on your startup idea and get it funded.

Idea To Funding is not just another one startup book. It is a simple and easy to understand, yet complex concept of what to do and what not to do when you want to launch your startup and don’t have much experience. Idea To Funding will provide you with a firm foundation on your amazing journey.

This could easily be on the must-read list for first-time founders. It is very well-written. Your tone is sincere, helpful, and coming from a position of knowledge and experience.” — Andy Parsons, Founder at Happify and Workframe